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Our Team

   Tonkla School continuously trains our staff using the principle of Knowledge Management. We develop better and better practices through capturing, developing, sharing, and using our educational knowledge. We ensure that our teams communicate effectively to achieve the following 3 basic principles:

    1. HAS (Health and Safety) 

        It is a very important basic principle that can provide the hygiene and safety at school for our students. Therefore, we are aware of and pay attention to every relating details, in order to prevent any future incident that might be occurred

     2.  TLC (Tender, Love and Care) 

          With love and care from Tonkla School’s staff, our students feel that they are warm welcomed and happy at school. Therefore, they are growing up with trust and spiritual security. 

     3.  FOD (Frank and Open Discussion) 

          Anyone who is sincere and has open mind for the frank communication, can improve his/herself and develop his/her work better.


Board of Directors

Dr. Paritat Silpakit

President, Board Community,Tonkla School

Vice Director, Suanprung Psychiatric Hospital

Mr. Pong  Tananone

Senior Advisor, Tonkla School

Former Director, The Prince’s Royal College

Mr. Boonanake Maneetham

a Founder and President, Tonkla school

Mrs. Chalida Stitniramai

Director of Tonkla School


When my children were young, I always thought that the most important thing for them was their health. The second most important thing was their education. The quality of their education persuaded my children to be happy with themselves and their surroundings. People are born to be happy, and this is the way it should be if they want to learn to their highest potential.


Almost all parents in society want their children to be smart, to possess wondrous knowledge, and to be able to articulate well in English so they can get a high position in a good job. This is what every parent wants for their child: a good quality education. This should start with giving children thought-provoking opportunities that let them think and act by themselves, possess the imagination and creativity to have the ability to learn, and develop skills to create new ideas.


They must also be able to use their own initiative to solve problems and be able to deal with situations in the right manner. This way, they will grow up to become quality members of the community.


The ideas and imagination of children is similar to that of a small tree. If you nuture it correctly, the tree will grow up to be big, strong, and able to withstand the storms and the tumult of the outside world. One day, the mature tree will produce seeds, and then the cycle of life will begin again.


Chalida Sathiniramai

Director of Tonkla School