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Our Facility

  Tonkla School has been created a land of 8 rais or about 12,800 square metres for a safe, peaceful and happy learning landscape. Our open space was designed suitably for fun and creative learning as per the developing needs for each and every student age levels.

  By the beach looking design of the swimming pool, students can be supported to use their imagination and enjoy their fun swimming class.  Also, the salt-chlorinator had been selected for the students’ delicate skin.

  The playgrounds are in large areas with many kinds of creativity and imagination supporting equipment such as the under hill tunnel, the big sand pit, the junk, the cliff and many outdoor playthings which are manufactured by the child friendly materials.

  Also, the classrooms had been designed and decorated with the bright colours and interesting game and toy corners for supporting the happy learning atmosphere.

Meal at School

  Tonkla School provides our clean and safe meals for our students by selecting the nutritious ingredients and hygienic cooking. The school healthy menus have also been designed by the nutritionist. Therefore, our main course, snacks and drinks are completely rich in the nutrition and monosodium glutamate free.