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School Logo



"Tonkla" is a Thai word for sprout. In the right environment, a sprout grows up to be a tree. At Tonkla School, we use this as an analogy to show that we are providing an environment for students to learn and flourish together.




Ants are known to be team oriented, hard working creatures. Tonkla is conscious of the importance of community, which is why we have chosen the ant as a symbol to represent our school. We work together to foster the growth of our students, whether there are two students helping each other on a project or hundreds of parents and staff participating in an activity.



“To provide education to enhance the

students’ characteristics of competitiveness, 

togetherness, respect and peace.”


  1. Enhance the quality of education to reach the standardized international level.

  2. Develop the students’ creative potential to international competitive standards.

  3. Reinforce the students’ ability to live happily and collectively with the others.

  4. Effectively expand the school human resources management system.    

  5. Strengthen the culture that supports the notion of working happily together.