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Tonkla School is a private coeducational alternative school. We are building a friendly learning environment for students to grow. We believe in a holistic learning process through which students learn physically, mindfully, and intellectually.

School Logo



"Tonkla"  is a Thai world for sprout. In the right environment, a sprout grows up to be a tree. At Tonkla School, we use this as an analogy to show that we are providing an environment for students to learn and keep learning.




Ants are known to be hard working creatures and they work in teams. Tonkla is conscious of community. Whether there are two students playing together or hundreds of parents and the Tonkla team, we work together to foster the growth of our students.



Provide interactive education

… appropriate teaching processes for different stages of child development.

….educate our team to increase understanding of education and the encouragement of the learning process 

Foster our community of the Tonkla team and family .