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 Wonderful Morning

Wonderful Morning is designed to promote mindfulness, joyfulness, peace and the passing of love to teachers and friends. It helps the children understand themselves and others, and it prepares them for a great learning opportunity each day.






Sensory Integration: SI

Sensory Integration is designed to develop the five senses: hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch. Additionally, there are two other important sensory systems for young children: balance and movement. Since the feet are the center of the nerves in the body, it is essential to move and develop the feet every day. For example, moving through barriers helps both the left and right side of brain develop; therefore, this equilibrium in the brain develops. Sensory integration activities help the children recognize, memorize, and learn effectively.




German Romanticism

German Romanticism is an integrated learning process based on young learners’ abilities, and it includes Thai language, mathematics, and science. The learning process is based on the “Learn through Play” concept in which children learn through playing, storytelling, and singing. These methods are used in order to encourage children to develop their ideas and imagination happily.






Beginning in prekindergarten, Tonkla provides sustainable English learning activities with a natural learning process (Whole Language) for the preparation of the world citizen. We place an emphasis on learning English as a second language both inside and outside classrooms. With our professional English speaking teachers, the children will be learning in an English-focused environment. They will be enhancing their listening and speaking skills while communicating with native English speaking teachers approximately 50% of overall class time each day. Reading and writing skills will also be focused on, later. We believe that the natural learning process will help children learn as much of a second language as they learned their mother tongue. Then the students will be able to communicate naturally and creatively in any environment.




Project Approach

The Project Approach is the learning process used to enhance how the children learn about things around them using the scientific method. This approach helps the children solve problems systematically and deeply, and it is great for teaching children to learn by doing.







Before going home everyday, the homeroom teacher will review everything the children learned throughout the day. The children will reflect on themselves, forgive themselves and others, appreciate the things around them, and cultivate happiness while sharing love to each other.