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3. What is the English Language Program at Tonkla School like ?

Tonkla School’s goal is for our students to be proficient in English at a level comparable to international school students. Our curriculum integrates English language into at least 50% of all activities at every level from kindergarten to primary school. From prekindergarten, students learn English through listening to stories in English and playing with adults. As they progress, students learn to listen, speak, read, and write English in various subjects, such as literature, science, and history.


Our approach to language learning, both English and Thai, focuses on the use of phonics. Phonics is a way to learn language by developing sound awareness. Gradually, our students’ ears learn subtle differences in sound and tone. Consequently, they learn how sounds, symbols, words, and letters are related to how words sound and how they are written. This building block leads to an exponential growth in the learning capacity of vocabulary and the mastery of languages.


With this strong foundation, our students can better integrate language into different classes, activities, and daily life. By taking English beyond classrooms into playgrounds and commons, the students can learn much more than English solely for tests. Students learn how to use English for communicating ideas and expressing themselves, enabling the students to learn more.


“ Educating the mind without educating

  the heart is NO education at all.”