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   Over time, we observe that, young students gain an increasing level of self-sufficiency. From having lunch to using the toilet, students learn to be independent and build discipline in their own little world. At the end of each day, students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, furthering their development.



   Tonkla School follows an academic curriculum outlined by Thailand’s Ministry of Education, while also conducting at least 50% of activities in English.

Group Activities

We have reorganized our academic subjects into groups as follows:

  • Self-care and discipline

  • Concentration 

  • Phonics and whole language learning

  • Project approach


Active Learning

  • Playing as an interactive learning experience develops multitudes of critical skills from motor skills to organizational skills.

  • Storytelling builds a foundation for curiosity, passion, and reading.

  • Reading opens the world to young adults. In the future, writing exercises will provide a crucial tool for self-expression and logical thinking.


   With so many things to learn, Tonkla School understands that meaningful development takes time. With our helping hands, students at our school are free to discover themselves and the world around them.