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    Tonkla School encourages self-discovery by broadening the students’ exposure to the world. Each student is given the opportunity to explore his or her interests and grow to become a capable and positive individual.


At Tonkla School, we prioritize the learning process of our students. Therefore, desirable traits are nurtured through the following:


  • Allowing for an independent exploration of the students’ unique interests.

  • Creating an environment that inspires exploration. Our facilities, from playgrounds to classrooms, are designed to engage and challenge students at their appropriate learning levels.

  • Treating our students as blooming individuals with naturally vibrant curiosities. We want our students to ask questions that challenge themselves and the world around them.


Through these pursuits, Tonkla School considers each member of our team and all parents to be crucial elements in the growth of our students. Together, we are building a holistic learning environment.