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Tonkla School


Tonkla School is a private coeducational alternative school. We are focused on building a friendly learning environment where students can grow to their full potential. We believe in a holistic learning process through which students learn physically, mindfully, and intellectually.


Conventional education is essentially a career-based model, which provides special training for specific professions. In Asia, especially in Thailand, primary and secondary education heavily emphasizes preparation for career-based training at the college level. For example, mathematics and science are a prerequisite for further studies in medical or engineering schools. This leads to overspecialization, isolated skill sets, and inflexible understanding of society and one’s self.


The development of a child’s learning and thinking process is often disregarded. These processes are vital because they are the foundation for developing a person's creativity and capability. As a core value, we believe that education should put an emphasis on each student’s critical thinking and unique learning style.


At Tonkla School, we coined the term “Happy Imagineers”, which combines the two terms: imagination and engineering. At our school, we integrate science into a child’s everyday learning. Our curriculum presents mathematics and science in a way that is relevant and enjoyable to our students.

Learning process doesn’t spring from memorization

Learning is an interactive process. Young or old, we all learn best through experience.


Tonkla school designs an interactive process for students to learn. Especially for young students, each interaction is an experience in itself. They’re learning about their world and what is in it. At Tonkla, we our education active, bringing them into the classroom.

Reading opens imagination

We encourage our student to read and explore topics of interests. Through that, reading opens up the world and expands imagination. Reading becomes a crucial part of learning. With that in mind, Tonkla school use storytelling to introduce students to stories and book.

Imagination, thoughts and knowledge

We have our children create their work with their imagination, using their process of thinking, planing, discovering inclouding arts and craft which will make them happy with learning.

Holistic learning

As an alternative school, we start to look at a learning process and take a step back from traditional education model. In conventional model, each subject is in its own world. Science has nothing to do with mathematics.